Rhyl Little Theatre - Pictures Coming Soon!

Hello and welcome to our first post on the website!

So today and yesterday, 11th + 12th Dec 2018, we have been going through the theatres' office, filing cabinets, boxes, folders etc. gathering together all of the photos we can find. And my goodness have we found some gems! Photo's dating back to the 60's of the Children's Club and The 200 Group.

I am extremely excited to sort through them and post them on the history page of the website (scanning each one is going to take time so please be patient). If you were part of the Children's Club some years ago, please keep an eye out as I expect you may see yourself or at least old friends. The theatre holds on to so many memories, from over 50 years of plays and productions and the amount of people who walked through the doors and been part of the clubs. It played a massive part within the community, lets share the memories and help create new ones.

We will post on Facebook and Instagram once the photos have been uploaded!

Thank you


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