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Rhyl Little Theatre Children's Club

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Celebrating 75 years of The Rhyl CHildre
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Rhyl Little Theatre is proud to be home to The Rhyl Children's Theatre Club. A charity organisation aiming to educate young people in the appreciation of theatre and the arts. Founded in 1944 the club was the reason Rhyl Little Theatre was built. 

The original club still takes place every Saturday morning from 10am - 12pm and run by a dedicated team of volunteers. Now due to popularity we now have an additional Saturday club from 1pm-3pm We believe every child, no matter their background or circumstances, can find a number of benefits in self expression, which is why we keep the club affordable and accessible to everyone at just £2! (With no additional charges for extra rehearsals).

We also have weekday speciality classes that focus on individual areas such as Musical Theatre, Drama and Dance. These classes delve further into the chosen art forms to discover new genres, styles and skills, 

From taking part in our workshops and rehearsals, children develop their confidence and self-esteem. They learn discipline, thought for others, team and reliability. Everyone is treated equally and we promote a safe environment where their diverse upbringings can be expressed and appreciated. 

Every child who takes part has the opportunity to perform on stage. They are involved in the production process from script writing to technical theatre. We aim to produce 2 shows a year and provide plenty of opportunity for the children to challenge themselves and express their ideas.

Our Next Production: 


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Our Next Productions..

Our theatre clubs are continuously expanding!

We would love to know what else you would like us to offer! Please register your interest for potential classes below!


Meet the Team

Arlena Thornton
Drama / Saturday

Danni Moore
Mini's/ Saturday / Musical Theatre / Dance

Katie Brewerton 
Drama / Mini's /
ay / Musical Theatre

Curtis Fisher
Saturday /
Adult Drama


Caitlin Armitage Conway
Dance / Saturday / Minis

Debbie Bevins

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