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Current Projects in October

Before we hit our busy Pantomime season we have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to make our theatre the best it can be. With help from our volunteers and the donations made through our JustGiving page we have been refurbing our dressing rooms.

Both the girls and the boys dressing rooms were completely stripped including removing furniture and fittings! The dressings were then painted a lovely red to ground the performers and build confidence before big performances. Although the paint work took a lot of time and countless amounts of coats the finished result makes it all worth it. The dressings rooms were then fitted with a light grey carpet to make it feel even more at home for our performers during show times. As our dressing rooms enter the final stage of their refurbishments they are currently being fitted with new dressing tables and mirrors.

Our former prop room has also been renovated and refurbished into a third space and multi functional dressing room. With half the space being utilised as a prop room and the other half used as a dressing room, it gives our performers an extra space to relax and unwind before a performance.

Although we still have a long way to go before we reach a final product we are extremely happy with all the work that has been done so far and we couldn't have done it without the help of our lovely volunteers and community.

Check back for the finished product and we can not wait to get our performers in and enjoying their new space!

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