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Success for Back On Stage!

After a long and challenging 2 years both staff and children were so excited to get Back On Stage to celebrate all the hard work that they've been doing in their classes. With 21 spectacular routines and pieces each one of the children truly rose to the occasion and shined on the stage!

With an attendance of 326 over the weekend, we were blown away with the support for the children and it only made them even more excited to get back on the stage and they were met with rounds of applause and cheers both nights.

We were beyond proud of each and every child that stepped onto the stage and we can't wait to get back in January to continue developing all the skills and talent that the children have!

We'd also like to thank all our teachers, volunteers and staff that all worked extremely hard to put on such an amazing show that we could all be proud of.

And Finally, We'd like to thank all our audience members that came out to support us to celebrate the hard work that the children do here and to see them blossom into performers that feel confident and happy doing what they love!

If you missed the show, don't worry we filmed it and copies will be available for purchase in the New Year!

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