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Consider Yourself's At Home!!

After 6 months of hard work, Oliver Jr made all the work pay off and is it was a massive success! We can all agree the heatwave we saw did not help but all the children worked so hard to power through and give audiences a well deserved treat!

The cast featuring 48 children most of which in the age range of 7-11 with the support of some older cast members brought the streets of 1800 to life with our production of Oliver Jr! Oliver has really brought all the children out of their shells and showed everyone just how talented they are through their great vocals, dance skills and acting! With audiences over 100 people each night and a sold out show on the Saturday it was clear audiences can not get enough of Oliver!

Take a look at some backstage action as well as some on stage shots:

We were so blown away by all the support that the audiences shown by buying a ticket, purchasing a programme and getting involved with the boos and cheers throughout the performance! We absolutely loved hearing all your comments and we're so happy to share some of your views:

"Brilliant show very talented youngsters, well done everyone x"

"Amazing show, great production, thanks for great family night out superstars in the making..."

"What a great performance tonight. Well done to all"

"Amazing show! Can’t believe the cast is (mostly) made up of young children, they are all so professional and talented. xxx"

We'd like to thank all of our backstage help from our chaperones (we all know it isn't an easy job keeping this lot quiet) and our junior volunteers who assisted with props, set, microphones and costumes!

We also couldn't have done it without the help of Llandudno Youth Musical Theatre, North Wales School of Dance and Rhyl and District Musical Theatre Company who helped donate costumes that were much appreciated, We'd also like to thank Rose Bunn who designed and painted the London skyline that really brought our set to life! And finally to all our front of house volunteers who really held the fort together!

Thankyou all so much!

See you all at the next one:)

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