Happy New Year!

We hope everyone has had a lovely new year and busy trying to keep on track with their new year resolutions!

Rhyl Little Theatre has some exciting times ahead as we progress into the future. It shouldn't be long now till we can announce the start of some much needed renovation work and updated technology.

We have kicked the year off with a volunteer campaign and are overwhelmed with the amount of people from the community eager to get involved and help continue the growth of The Little Theatre! Each year the theatre has been on a steady increase as business has improved and we predict it heading in the same direction for the year ahead.. Particularly now we have a 25 year lease under our belt!

As this year marks the 75th anniversary of our Children's Theatre Club, a charity organisation which lead to the building of the theatre in 1963, not only is it a good time to look ahead with such positivity of the theatres future but also to reflect back on it's history. 75 years of children coming through the door to learn stage skills and many progressing into very successful careers in the industry. The countless shows and pantomimes which will remain with the children who took part for many years into their adulthood and who's children and grandchildren now follow in their footsteps. The theatre has been in the heart of the community of Rhyl for 56 years and still remains a hub for theatrical learning now.

With a bright future ahead we look forward to 2019 for bringing in new changes for the future


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