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History Wall

Along with the refurb of the theatre, we really wanted to embrace, represent and pay homage to the extensive amount of history our theatre has. The Foyer is now home to our completed History Wall. This wall showcases pictures dating back to when the theatre first opened in 1963 (and some earlier). This represents and celebrates all the people, hard work, dedication, friends, family, ups and lows, fun and laughter that made the theatre what it is today. It represents strength, that we are still standing, especially after the difficulties of the last 18 months and it serves as a reminder to why we, the directors and volunteers today stay committed to continue the work of the founders. The Wall is the perfect background to the buzz and excitement that foyer holds both on show nights and during the development of the children in our classes.

A big thank you to Gwasg Print for your services, expert advise and the quality prints! Thank you to our volunteer Linda, who took the time to carefully cut around the edges of each picture! And of course to all who helped bring this beauty together.

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